Our Mission

Oracui was founded on the premise that only students truly understand students. As such, Oracui facilitates a meaningful connection between high school mentees and university student mentors. Our mission is to provide younger students with invaluable, honest guidance to help them achieve their full academic and social potential.

A Global Team

The team has expanded since inception, however, being students themselves, they all share a common passion for peer-to-peer mentoring. Representing seven nationalities, their incredibly diverse backgrounds complement the breadth of expertise they bring to Oracui. With their youthful perspective and focus on an empathetic experience, the team is driving an unparalleled transformation in education counselling. Seeking to make the transition from secondary to tertiary education as seamless as possible, Oracui and it’s growing network emerges at the forefront of innovation.

Shyam Bhuller


Shyam, based in Melbourne, Australia, studies Economics with Politics & International Studies at the University of Melbourne. Outside of that, he coaches strength and conditioning, enjoys long distance running and reads non-fiction. His vision for Oracui is to create a platform for students to put leadership into their own hands.

Daria Nekrasova


Daria, currently based in Cardiff, Wales, is studying Media and Communications at Cardiff University. She also reads and researches the newest trends in the fashion and influencer industry. As a founder of Oracui, Daria hopes to build an incredible platform for mentors and mentees.

Jonathan Yip


Jonathan lives and plays in the concrete jungle that is Singapore. On his off days, he enjoys reading across a breadth of topics and the occasional dram of whisky or glass of wine. His vision for Oracui is for it to become the pre-eminent platform for change and networking amongst youths.

Naylin Al

Head of Public Affairs

Naylin is currently reading Economics and Politics at the University of Melbourne. Academically-driven, his passion for education and mentorship has found harmony at Oracui. Naylin’s interest in inequality has prompted him to advocate the importance of equal educational opportunities for youth around the world, with Oracui servicing that vision. Naylin also enjoys playing rugby, gymming, and reading.

Idris Affrin

Head of Corporate Opportunities

Idris studies Psychology at the University of Exeter. His interests span from attending MUN conferences, student activism, fencing at university competitions, and playing the piano. As the youth are our future, he believes that Oracui can empower them with opportunities to grow and make a change to the world.

The Oracui Story

The team has expanded since inception, however, being students themselves, they all share a common passion for peer-to-peer mentoring. Representing seven nationalities, ‘Oracui’ is derived from the Latin term ‘oraculi’ meaning oracle or mentor. Mentors are trusted advisors that seek to provide encouragement and impart valuable knowledge so that we can make informed decisions. At Oracui, we aim to provide an empathetic solution to university planning for high school students through our global peer mentoring platform. Deciding which university to attend can be a difficult decision for many students. Counselling services are often expensive, and university fairs fail to give students a meaningful, unbiased account of campus life.

Our seamless interface solves these issues by connecting high school mentees directly with university student mentors in a matter of clicks. High school students indicate their subjects and locations of interest, and our specialised algorithm pairs the mentee with the best-fit university student for 1:1 tertiary education guidance. This allows high school students to ask personal questions in a safe and secure space, from concerns about studying in a foreign country to general queries about the student experience at their university of interest. With trained mentors from the top universities around the world, high school students have unparalleled access to genuine and tailored advice. Select your university with confidence!

Oracui extends this passion for enriching the youth with effective planning by bridging the gap between the classroom and the professional world. With our initiative ‘Insights with Experts’, we provide the leaders of tomorrow with exclusive perspectives about the journey to success in various industries. Through rich intellectual discussion, we hope to foster the next generation of beneficent, determined, and influential innovators.

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